Fay Nicolson


OVER AND OVER PURE FORM is a long form poem activated by gesture and structured by rhythm. The piece describes the curriculum of a phantasy Art School, pasting Modernist studio exercises and Post-Modern reflexivity onto a neurotic atmosphere of contemporary neo-liberal demands.

Fay Nicolson, 'OVER AND OVER PURE FORM', 2017, video with stereo sound, 5 minute extract, total work 24m 24s.

Fay uses speech, melodrama, humour and gestural motifs to wrest communication from the grasp of the literal and rational towards the surreal, physical, associative and sensual. A chorus of students take on the forms of the contradictory pedagogical approaches they are subjected to, craving for moments of realization, rupture and resistance.

Fay Nicolson, 'OVER AND OVER PURE FORM', 2016, photographic documentation of performance.

Fay Nicolson, 'OVER AND OVER PURE FORM', 2016, pamphlet of script available as PDF.

Performed at Kunstraum, London UK, 2016.

Narrator: Fay Nicolson

Chorus: Jasmin Aldridge, Helen Davison, Lillian Wilkie and Madalina Zaharia.

Percussion: C├ędric Fauq.

Production assistant: Tilly Sleven.

Still photography: Samuel Fouracre.

Sound and Lighting: Thomas Cuckle.

Costume, make up and back drops: Fay Nicolson.

Camera and co-editor: Johnston Sheard.

Additional camera: Paul Maheke.