Fay Nicolson


Fay Nicolson, SPA SONGS, 2018

'SPA SONGS', 2018, Performance of Song Cycle, 30 minutes, 2018. Performance at the Brunel Museum, London UK. Commissioned by DKUK and supported by ACE. Watch the full video here.

Fay Nicolson,OVER AND OVER PURE FORM, 2016

'OVER AND OVER PURE FORM', Performance, 30 minutes, 2016. Performed at Kunstraum, London UK. Watch an extract of the video here.

Fay Nicolson, BONE BREATH GESTURE, 2019

'BONE BREATH GESTURE', Performance, 40 minutes, 2019. Performed in solo exhibition 'TONE POEMS', London UK.

Fay Nicolson, Shake it Loose and Let it Fall, 2018

'Shake it Loose and Let it Fall', Performance, 30 minutes, 2018. Performed at Kelder, London UK.

Gliss, Fay Nicolson, 2018

'Gliss', performance, 20 minutes, 2018. Performed at Open Sound, Outpost, Norwich UK. Curated by Paul Purgas.

Fay Nicolson, Marginal Notes, 2012

'Marginal Notes', performance, 20 minutes, 2012. Performed at Waterside Contemporary, London UK.